Alumni's Perspective

Rory Calabria

Little Flowers helped me establish a foundation in learning, social skills, self-discipline, and effective listening that has supported my growth since I was 18 months old. I went back to Little Flowers as an observer in early January of 2016, and the values and disciplines being instilled in the students now are the same skills that I continue to refine to this day.

Learning and growing as an individual and as a part of a classroom/team/casa was at the core of my experience as a Little Flowers student. Through learning to enhance my individual abilities and learning to be a contributing part of a casa (term for Little Flowers classroom), I learned the importance of community and the value of interacting with others. Everyone in the casa is connected, which means I had to learn to lead when I was in a position to lead, and to follow when I needed leading. Once I grasped the concepts that Little Flowers taught, self-discipline was the characteristic that drove home an efficient and busy day in my casa. While the teacher was out, and the other kids busy, self-discipline helped me complete more difficult works in the class alone as well as trust in my ability to lead and follow by myself. To make all of this possible, Little Flowers teachers teach the importance of mindful listening. Without being able to actively listen to teachers, friends, peers, teammates, or anyone else who walks through the casa doors, one cannot truly open themselves to greater learning. They teach that every child in your casa is unique in some way, and the only way for you to learn from them is to actively listen. 

The single biggest success I can attribute to Little Flowers is my success as an older brother. I am 20 years old and have two younger sisters, Sophia (10) and Rose (8), who reflect my ability to be a role model every day. They are growing in incredible ways daily, and I am confident that I can attribute some of their growth and personality to my role as a big brother. What I have tried hardest to do with them is to not be a third parent, but to be a true companion that doesn’t judge when listening, doesn’t treat them in a way that I wouldn’t like to be treated, and leads by example (all things that Little Flowers exemplifies). I try to be their biggest advocates while challenging them to chase a more worldly identity. 

Little Flowers has shaped me by connecting me to quality people who value learning, education, and the happiness of pursuit, meaning the satisfaction one gets from pursuing goals and dreams. This is the key piece. From a young age, Little Flowers has grown a community of people around me who have integrity, and are honest, hardworking, and ambitious. This is so important because my mother has always told me that you become the five people that you spend the most time with. Since I have been surrounded by quality people since I was a toddler, Little Flowers Montessori has roots in every aspect of my character and growth as a person. 

Little Flowers offers a unique and incredibly valuable platform for children to learn, and therefore, grow.

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